Rich Rice — Chapter 2. “The Hypermediated Teaching Philosophy ePortfolio Performance Support System”

29 Oct

You might be interested in this piece if…

  • You’re going onto the job market soon.

  • You’re interested in ePortfolios (surprise, surprise, given the book it comes from).

  • You’re running an English, Rhetoric, or Writing program (or something else!) and wish to encourage more risks taken in the documentation applicants send for open positions.

  • You want to see how something performative like teaching can translate into a document that’s more performative than the accepted status quo.

Rice argues in this piece that the Teaching Philosophy as a static genre within the context of ePortfolios does not make a good deal of sense. He says specifically that “the teaching philosophy statement as a one- to two-page document—similar to how the essay is a genre created largely for assessment purposes—is a genre that should be expanded to embrace, much like ePortfolio performance support systems, individual identity and rhetorically situated networked spaces” (51). These hypermediated teaching philosophy documents allow for writers/composers to perform their experiences with teaching and link to student work, assignments, and break free from the one to two page document that prevails on the job market today.

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