Musings on Program Assessment

05 Nov
  • Level?

    • Program

      • EWM

  • List?

    • WEPO

    • Rhetoric

      • Genres changing

    • History of Text Technologies

    • What is a Text?

    • Advanced Article and Editing Workshop

  • Appropriate?

    • Multimodal projects

      • Some embrace it more than others

  • Literacies

    • Image manipulation

    • Audio manipulation

    • Video manipulation

    • Rhetorical knowledge

      • Genre

      • Audience

      • Platform

      • Medium

      • Modes

    • Professional grade programs

    • Consumer grade programs

    • Procedural vs. Conceptual

    • Procedural taught less

      • Digital Studio

    • Conceptual highlighted

      • In-Class

  • Learned

    • Typically outside the classroom

  • Do best practices factor in?

    • There is a prescribed way to accomplish something in a program. Does knowing that really matter?

      • In these courses, best practices are probably not emphasized

  • Difference and tension between procedure and conceptual knowledge

  • More focused on product than process

    • Doesn’t matter how you get there, just that you do.

  • Assessment

    • Functionality is assessed, not process.

    • Rhetorical assessment more important than how the product looks.

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