Bill Condon: “Large Scale Assessment”

12 Nov

I’m not sure that I would necessarily place Condon on the scale because he argues that AES is actually a red herring in our discussion of writing assessment. He is against it, though, so I suppose I’d rate him as a 1 if I had to.


Discussing AES is actually not useful for our discussion. Rather, we should be focusing on the invalid constructs of writing that current assessments purport to measure. In place of this invalid assessments, Condon suggests using assessments that are richer and provide fuller descriptions of writing (see the scale that was posted much earlier this semester on the blog).


-writing assessments should draw from multiple pieces of student work
-writing assessments should provide as much information as possible about the student

Points of Interest:

-we already looked at and discussed Condon’s scale, but you can see the context he provides for it on p 104-105
-106-107 Condon states that we already have valid assessments, so why not use those? He seems to think that AES might possibly catch up with current, valid assessments.

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