The AES Dilemma

12 Nov

So we finally made it the “hot button” topic in technology and assessment: Automated Essay Scoring (or AES). I’ll start class with a short rant today, but not about AES directly. I want to focus instead on our disciplinary complicity in where we are now and how I don’t think it’s helpful to perpetuate the good humans vs. the bad machines narrative. After that, though, I’d like you to respond to the following set of questions with the articles/chapters you read for today.

  • Subject line: Author’s name and title of the chapter/article (separate entry for each)
  • Rank: On a scale of 1-10 (1 being completely opposed and 10 completely advocating), where does this author fall on AES? Give us one sentence explaining how you know that.
  • Argument: what evidence or logic does the author use to support his/her/their position? (label, 2-3 sentences at most)
  • Assumptions: what stated or unstated assumptions underlie the argument at work in this chapter/article? (label, bullet, no need for complete sentences)
  • Points of Interest: what are 3-4 pieces of information you found interesting regarding AES? (label, bullet, paraphrase, and page numbers for citations)



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