Chaitanya Ramineni “Validating automated essay scoring for online writing placement”

13 Nov

Rating: 5; This is a quantitative study about AES as a way to assess placement tests, so this article feels like a more objective (or maybe just a less *explicitly* opinionated) piece of writing.

Argument: Based on a quantitative study with 879 participants under timed conditions, Ramineni found that students perform better with prompts that are tailored for specific universities, that the AES system, Criterion, provided for an assessment that better distinguished writing ability from general academic ability (measured by GPA), and testing conditions (proctored v. nonproctered conditions) had a statistically insignificant effect.


  • AES is direct writing assessment
  • all digital platforms are the same; in other words, the Criterion platform mimics any other platform: Students can submit writing samples in a digital platform that reflects the contemporary communication environment (43)
  • AES is a learning support tool & that is always the case
  • scores generated from admissions test are not suitable for making placement decisions

Points of interest

  • She makes some important calls for further research based on what is missing in her study — issues with the sample
  • Her methods section is really thorough and a good example of method sections generally
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